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Southern Tamil movie Kabali starred by Superstar Rajinikanth which is waiting to hit the screens worldwide on July 22, will also going to release in 400 screens in the U.S., with special protection planned for a day earlier. The U.S., distribution company CineGalaxy, which had released Theri and 24 earlier this year, will also release Kabali. It will be the biggest release for a Rajinikanth-starrer in the U.S.. The Tamil as well as Telugu version of the film will release on july 22nd. The bookings were opened on tuesday and in less than two hours the tickets were sold out in many thearters. Though the price of the tickets are higly expensive there's a huge demand for tickets. Kabali is directed by Pa. Ranjith who has already proved himself as a sucseful director by giving prominent movies. The film also stars Radhika Apte, Kishore, Kalaiarasan, Dinesh, Dhansikaa and Taiwanese actor Winston Chao. Rajinikanth will be seen as a don who fights for Tamils in Malaysia in the movie, which will also dubbed and released in Hindi and Telugu. People are so much excited for the relaese, most of the people travel from diffrent places to watch this movie. Recently lots of memes are shared interms of showing their excitement. The eagerness and no patience attituted is highly humorized by memes.

Memes are trending in sharing kabali's teaser and on the release date of kabali with full of ebulitism and excitement.

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Asking leave for Kabali, 22 - July - 2016

Kabali release memes

When your leave is approved kabali fdfs

Leave plan on july 22

Applying leave for kabali fdfs

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